Electrical Systems

Click below to see a pin-out for the fuse and relay box of every system used in an A2 (information also covers other listed models).

Which Electrical System do I have?

NOTE: it is very important to understand which electrical system you have. See the above picture for clarification.
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US-built Golf/GTI

Please see very important note above. While this system is not a conventional centrally-located fuse box setup, it's fuse and relay boxes can be pinned-out. Used on 1985-1989 USA-built Golf and GTI.

Central Electric 1

Pin-out for the back of the Central Electric 1 cluster, which was used on the 1985-1990 Jetta, some 1989-1990 Golf/GTIs (Mexican-made), the Quantum, Cabriolet, Scirocco, and Vanagon.

Central Electric 2

Pin-out for the back of the Central Electric 2 cluster, which was used on almost all models from 1989-1999 (Golf, Jetta, Passat, EuroVan, Corrado).
Note: this site attempts to cover all CE2 systems, but individual specifics may vary.